Light Weight Blocks

Eco - Friendly AAC Blocks

Magicrete Building solutions turn your home in to a green home by its Eco friendly AAC Blocks.

Magicrete is a pioneer in green buildings materials and over the years, have emerged as one of the largest producers of Eco - friendly AAC Blocks. AAC Blocks have been working towards sustaining the environment, as AAC Blocks are produced from fly-ash, a waste from steel manufacturing and consume 30% less energy compared to clay brick manufacturing thus reducing emission. AAC Blocks ensure safe environment practices and reduction of carbon footprints.

Besides, being known for its lower environmental impact, AAC Provides unique features and advantages for prominent architectural project like,

  1. AAC Blocks prove to be cost and time efficient because of their light weight.
  2. AAC Blocks have high compressive strength, better fire resistance and energy efficient.

Light Weight Blocks

Light Weight AAC Blocks is a replacement of traditional red clay brick. AAC blocks weight only a third of the clay brick that substantially boosts labour efficiency while saving structural steel consumption and operational costs. It may increase the carpet area as well by 3% to 5% depending on the design. Moreover, AAC blocks are several times larger than traditional bricks, culminating into lesser mortar usage. As the blocks are factory finished with precise edges and shapes, they require substantially less plaster, POP, or putty finish.

The component of AAC blocks comprises 70% flyash and the remaining 30% is blend of around six to seven raw materials serving as additives.

Magicrete Light Weight AAC Blocks

Along with other benefits AAC Blocks are thermally insulated which help you to maintain temperature of your home. Which reduce your Air conditioner costs.

Cellular air pockets contribute to the thermal conductivity which is 5 times lessar than that of clay bricks which makes the interior cooler. therefore results in up to 30% savings in HVAC costs.

Benefits of AAC Blocks:

1) High strength: Magicrete Grade 1 AAC Blocks have compressive strength of 4N/m2 compared to clay bricks that have just 2.5 - 3N/m2

2) Noise pollution resistant AAC Blocks: Magicrete AAC Blocks creates virtually sound proof interiors and has a sound transmission class rating of 44. can also be used as sound barrier on busy thoroughfares.

3) Water Resistant AAC Blocks: Microscopic structure of magicrete light weight block does not allow for capillary action making it impervious to water

4) Earthquake resistant: Light weight & Tensile strength of Magicrete AAC Blocks allow them to resist small earthquakes better than clay brick.

5) Fire resistant: Unique cellular structure of Magicrete AAC blocks provides excellent fire rating. Due to this cellular structure, AAC Blocks do not disintegrate, even in fire.

Fire Resistant AAC Blocks

Unique cellular structure of Magicrete AAC Blocks provides for excellent fire rating. Due to this cellular structure, AAC Blocks do not disintegrate, even in fire.

Other benefits of AAC Blocks:

1) High strength in range of 3.5-4N/m2 compared to red clay bricks that have just 2.5-3N/m2

2) Noise pollution resistant AAC Blocks

3) Thermally insulated AAC Blocks

4) Water Resistant AAC Blocks

5) Earthquake resistant AAC Blocks
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